Heart Tarang Neo



  • 12 lead Medical grade ECG
  • View and share reports over whatsapp/mail
  • Monitor additional parameters like SPO2 and Heart Rate
  • Pack Includes Heart Tarang device, Charging adapter ,USB cable, Bulb electrodes, clamp electrodes, ECG Cable and ECG gel bottle


  • 3, 6 and 12 medical-grade lead channels
  • 10-electrode banana/snap-type cable
  • ECG display at 220 samples/sec per channel
  • Powered with the HeartTarang Android App for real-time results
  • Send/Receive instantaneous ECG report
  • Automatic data storage on phone/tablet
  • Cloud support with additional subscription
  • 3000 mAh Rechargeable Li-Po battery, with low power indication
  • Bluetooth 4.2 and above
  • 7 ECG Data (unconfirmed) interpretation types: Normal Sinus Rhythm Hypertensive, Hypotensive, Ventricular Fibrillation, Ventricular tachycardia Bradycardia & Asystole.
  • Monitor additional essential parameters such as SPO2, Heart rate, NIBP and temperature

Support & Warranty

The customer has one year free warranty service from the date of shipping according to the following conditions. To supply all-around and quick maintenance service for you, please mail the maintenance card to us in time.

Our company may adopt such ways as guidance, express to company or door-to-door service, etc. to carry out warranty promise.

1.Even in warranty period, the following repairs are charged.

  • Faults or injuries caused by misuse that not according to user manual and operation notes.
  • Faults or injuries caused by dropping accidentally after purchase.
  • Faults or injuries caused by repair, reconstruction, decomposition, etc. not by our company.
  • Faults or injuries caused by improper storage or force majeure after purchase.

2.The warranty period for accessories and fray parts is half a year. operation manual and packing material are excluded.

3.Our company is not responsible for the faults of other connected devices caused by the faults of this device directly or indirectly.

4.The warranty will be cancelled if we find the protection label has been destroyed.

5.For charged maintenance beyond warranty period, our company advises to continue using "Maintenance contract regulation". Please refer to our customer service department for details.


1. Can we share/print the ECG reports?

Yes. You can print the ECG reports from our Android app via any WIFI printers. The report can be shared through Email, Whatsapp, Google Drive, etc.

2. How do we get ECG reports?

You can get the instantaneous ECG report in the standard 12-lead format by clicking ‘Generate Report’ in our app.

3. Do we need internet connection to generate ECG report?

Our company is not responsible for the faults of other connected devices caused by the faults of this device directly or indirectly.

4. Is auto-diagnosis available in the report?

Yes an unconfirmed auto-diagnosis is available. Always consult your physician for confirmation.

5. How is the device powered? Is it rechargeable?

The HeartTarang is powered by rechargeable Lithium polymer batteries. You can charge the device like a smart phone with the charger provided, connecting to the charging port of the device

How To Use Heart Tarang

Earning the Trust of Medical Community

We have conducted validation of the Heart Tarang wireless ECG device on 86 patients. The ECG waveform of all the patients tested on Heart Tarang was equivalent to the the corresponding ECG waveforms from the gold standard device of our hospital.

Dr D.P.S Toor, Director Medical Services Rural Medicare Centre

As part of the Women’s Wellness Week at Kumaron Specialities Hospital, Ashok Nagar and GR Hospital, Ramapuram, free ECG was perfomed on all women patients on 8th March 2022. This was done using the Heart Tarang Device. It was very helpful as it was portable and easy operate by the staff.

Dr GK Dhanvant, GR Hospital and Kumaran Specialities Hospital